Athlete Network Solutions: Communication
“Communication does not always occur naturally, even among a tight-knit group of individuals. Communication must be taught and practiced in order to bring everyone together as one.”
— Coach Mike Krzyzewski
The NEW COMMUNICATION SOLUTION is the most efficient and cost-effective method to communicate with athletes, not just from an operations perspective, but from an experience standpoint as well. It was built directly from the needs of athlete-facing staff in order to improve relationships with athletes, increase staff productivity and maximize every opportunity for athletes and institutions alike. Effective communication is the backbone of all successful athletics programs and is proven to increase athlete engagement across the board. Schools that master audience segmentation and how to communicate with each segment, simply put, will WIN.

Communication Features
  • Progressive web application (PWA) that provides the same functionality on desktop and mobile devices. Athlete Network members access their network on desktop 52% of the time and 48% on mobile.
  • Push notifications, both in-app and on your device(s)
  • Blast or individual text, email, and in-app messaging
  • Toggle between 1-way and 2-way communication
  • Audience segmentation through advanced search, custom groups and saved filters (e.g. linebackers, SAAC, Hall of Fame members, women's soccer team, 1984 football team)
  • User preferences to drive their own experience
  • Document, video, URL and image sharing
  • Data analytics and history of communications
  • Athlete to athlete, athlete to staff, staff to athlete communication
  • Resource cards to deliver more in-depth information
  • Message directly from resources and services available in network, drawing athletes directly to that information
  • Newsletter creation
  • Robust admin permissions
  • … AND MORE!

Through this cost-effective and athlete-centric solution, your institution will:
Instantaneously and proactively communicate with your current and former athletes and shave days off of your delivery time
Eliminate a dropoff in engagement through athlete transitions by communicating from a single platform throughout the athlete journey
Easily get 3 hours back in your work week
Identify new donors and double the number of athletes who give financially
Increase event and meeting attendance by 10%
Decrease staff onboarding time by 3 months
Deliver the experience the athletes want based on the feedback opportunities you provide
Proactively build a culture of compliance and institutional control
Increase engagement with any of your initiatives from mental health to DEIB education while decreasing the number of athletes jumping in the transfer portal
Reduce institutional risks by uncovering them earlier and increasing the number of informed athletes
Gain visibility to what is being communicated across many internal departments to the same athlete audience, reducing stress on athletes
Create conversations WITH athletes instead of simply delivering the message

Many athletics departments believe athletes have technology fatigue but in reality it is communication fatigue when it comes from so many different places. Through the centralized Communication Solution, not only will you bring efficiencies to your daily work but your current and alumni athletes will be more informed, prepared, and connected, which intuitively increases athlete engagement. Engagement is born from communication. Put the features of the NEW Communication Solution to work for you and make consistent communication and feedback the norm throughout the athlete journey.

Athlete Network software helps athletics organizations centralize all athletes, programs and services in one convenient location so they can achieve the outcomes they desire and their athletes can #keepcompeting throughout the athlete journey. Our company is proud to provide several solutions to make this possible. Email us with questions you may have or schedule some time to see a walk-through of Athlete Network Solutions. We look forward to hearing from you!

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