Revolutionize Your Athlete Engagement Strategy with Clean Data – Fast!
At Athlete Network, we understand the challenges college athletics departments face when engaging their athletes authentically. One of the primary roadblocks? Bad data and outdated contact information. But fear not! Our proven consulting package offers a fast-track solution to transform your athlete database into a strategic asset. Through consistent engagement strategies within your own athlete network, your athletes can do the work for you!

Why Clean Data Matters:
💡 Unlock Quick Wins: Statistics show that institutions with clean data reach their engagement goals 50% faster, creating immediate positive outcomes.

🏆 Achieve 30% Higher Engagement Rates: Organizations with accurate athlete data report significantly higher engagement rates, creating a positive ripple effect across all programs and departments.

📊 Double Former Athlete Giving: Studies show that institutions leveraging clean data experience a doubling in alumni giving within the first year of implementation.

Our Easy 5-Step Process:
  1. Network Member List Comparison: We conduct a thorough analysis, identifying gaps and inconsistencies in your current data.
  2. Verify Data for Those Not in Network: Reach out strategically to update contact information and encourage participation.
  3. Collaboration with Coaches: Leverage the support of each sport coaching staff to enhance data accuracy and completeness.
  4. Collaboration with Former Athletes and Program Ambassadors: Empower former athletes in rallying their teammates, fostering a sense of community and collecting valuable information.
  5. Individual Outreach: Tailored communication to fill the remaining gaps and ensure a comprehensive, up-to-date athlete database.
  6. Bonus: You can now upload all members directly to your network to get ahead of the game.

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Athlete Network software helps athletics organizations centralize all athletes, programs and services in one convenient location so they can achieve the outcomes they desire and their athletes can #keepcompeting throughout the athlete journey. Our company is proud to provide several solutions to make this possible. Email us with questions you may have or schedule some time to see a walk-through of Athlete Network Solutions. We look forward to hearing from you!

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