Student-Athletes and Mental Health
With more than 80% of coaches reporting spending more time discussing mental health with student-athletes than they did before the pandemic, the need to take a critical look at athlete and coach resources and how they are delivered is clear. As the NCAA Transformation Committee guidelines move us to a holistic student-athlete model, athletics departments will be mandated to formalize requirements in mental health education and reporting structures. Alignment of resources from conference to schools will be critical. So, how do we move forward effectively?

Start with Statistics
Let the numbers guide us. According to recent studies among student-athletes:
  • 21% of Division I NCAA athletes reported clinically relevant levels of depressive symptoms
  • 2/3 indicated they knew where to go on campus for mental health concerns
  • Suicide is the 3rd-leading cause of death of athletes at the collegiate level
  • 47% felt comfortable personally seeking support from a mental health provider on campus yet only 10% with known mental health conditions seek help from a mental health professional
  • 63% felt their teammates take mental health concerns of fellow teammates seriously and 56% reported knowing how to help a teammate experiencing a mental health issue
  • 53% reported coaches take mental health concerns of their student-athletes seriously and 1/2 think mental health is a priority for their athletics department
  • Among those considering transferring, 61% of female athletes and 40% of male athletes considered their mental health as part of the decision
Athletics Departments Can Now Provide Mental Health Resources for Athletes 24/7 With Athlete Network
Ready to provide the resources your student-athletes need in a place easily accessible to them?

Move to Solutions

The majority of campuses and athletics departments already have incredible mental health resources available for student-athletes. The disconnect in the statistics above is that athletes do not always know about them. The solution to awareness is easy, it’s more effective COMMUNICATION. The Athlete Network Communication Solution helps athletics departments:

Deliver informal and formal mental health education and resources for athletes and coaches
Build a community of peers to enhance the sense of belonging
Alleviate athlete anxiety of what is next through personal and professional development

The Athlete Network Education Solution provides a more formal approach to delivering mental health and life skills courses that are relevant to athletes. Participation in these courses can easily be gamified, tracked year-over-year and reported through any oversight channels.

By delivering mental health resources right next to resources on other topics, we can actually reduce the stigma of utilizing them and ensure they are always in front of your athletes proactively 24/7. Not only is it of benefit to the athletes, but also to the institution through risk mitigation and ease of attestation.

Other requirements from the Transformation Committee, such as career development and life skills training, can be tracked in the same manner.


The Athlete Network Mentorship Solution is an effective tool to enhance a sense of belonging and authentically support diversity and inclusion programming. Pairings are usually based on the interests of the student-athletes and are often with former athletes who understand intimately the experiences of an athlete. The pairing navigates a structured workflow together on flexible topics and can be completed at their own pace.

97% of individuals with a mentor say they find the experience to be a valuable one.
89% of those who have been mentored say they’ll go on to mentor others. Athletes helping athletes.
76% of people think mentors are important, but only 37% have one.
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